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May 28

Ocean Fishing

Ocean fishing can be done right from the shore or a boat can be taken into open waters. Swimming with a spear holding your breath or with a respirator is equally fun. Stand in the sand or wade out in special waterproof pants for a day of fly fishing in the sun. Shark fishing for …

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Feb 27

Fun with Fly Fishing

Fly fishing can be done in many ways such as on land, in a boat or walking out in waders. Dry fly fishing is somewhat less popular than other methods although it is still very much fun. Wet fly fishing is the most common method. Salt water fly fishing has methods of its own depending …

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Jan 28

Canoe Fishing

Fishing is one of the most popular outdoor activities around the world. Grab a rod and reel for an oceanic adventure. Tie on the fly and whip the water for a day at the lake. Drill those holes and keep that coat on for some winter ice fishing. Dinner or sport, this is good fun …

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